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35++ Great Piston Ring Clamp – Piston Ring Clamp
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We all accepted this. After seeing the acceptance of SRAM’s 1×12 Eagle group, Shimano bare to acknowledge in a big way with a drivetrain that akin the achievement and artlessness of its competitor. This is the response: the new XTR M9100 1×12 (and/or 2×12) drivetrain.

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Time will acquaint how the new XTR performs–members of the North American media will get their aboriginal rides on the accumulation in mid-June–but on paper, the accumulation looks impressive, and letters from assembly at bike brands who accept ridden the new XTR are acutely positive. Shimano’s assets and capabilities should never be underestimated.

As before, XTR is positioned as Shimano’s high-end abundance bike drivetrain. And like the antecedent version, genitalia options abound: wide-range or close-step cassettes; distinct or bifold chainrings (at atomic the amateur is gone); lightweight, two-piston, XC-oriented disc brakes, or added able four-piston brakes for aisle and enduro riding; smaller, lighter XC-style pedals, or larger-platform aisle pedals.

Courtesy of Shimano

There are new genitalia as able-bodied that reflect the connected change of XTR from—when aboriginal launched in 1991—a austere XC chase accumulation to a accumulation for any abundance biker gluttonous “the best stuff” for about all forms of abundance biking: a alternation adviser and dropper-post remote.

There’s additionally a cassette disciplinarian anatomy accepted that’s acceptable to account alarm at first–as SRAM’s XD disciplinarian did.

While XTR’s exceptional amount puts it out of ability for abounding riders, anybody should pay absorption to the new XTR because of Shimano’s absolute convenance of trickling bottomward the aloft appearance of XTR to XT, SLX, Deore. There’s some actuality here–specifically the cassettes–that conceivably could be adopted by approaching Shimano drop-bar groups for gravel, cyclocross, and maybe alike road: Ability we see XTR’s new cassette disciplinarian in next-gen Dura-Ace?

The declared on-sale date for new XTR is abatement 2018. You’ll acquisition appraisement advice beneath (hint: it’s expensive).

Adding accession cog to the cassette either allows added ambit or tighter steps. Shimano is alms riders both options in the new XTR.

The 10-51 tooth cassette is the wide-range option, with 510 percent ambit (10 percent added than SRAM’s Eagle 10-50t cassette). Cog progression: 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-33-39-45-51.

If you adopt tighter all-overs amid cogs, that’s begin in the 10-45 cassette (450 percent range). Cog progression: 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-36-40-45.

Either way, the cassettes apply a new ascent hub/cassette interface accepted alleged Micro Spline. Immediately apparent are added and abate splines compared with Shimano’s 9/10 and 11-speed disciplinarian bodies. This is said to anticipate the accustomed appraisal of aluminum disciplinarian bodies by alert cassette cogs.

Less noticable: The Micro Spline disciplinarian is advised to board a 10-tooth cog. The bore of Shimano’s longstanding 9/10/11-speed disciplinarian prevented the use of cogs abate than 11 teeth (unless, as begin in some aftermarket cassette options, the teeth were chip into the cassette lockring). So, Shimano bare to adapt its disciplinarian to board the 10-tooth (SRAM’s XD disciplinarian was developed for the aforementioned reason).

There’s additionally a lightweight, 11-speed cassette advantage (details below).

All XTR 9100 cassettes accept new Hyperglide tooth profiles, which “guides the alternation both up and bottomward the cassette, accouterment faster, smoother alive in both directions.”

Assuming you can acquisition a accepted abundance bike anatomy that can board a advanced derailleur, you can get your bliss with new XTR. The M9100 derailleur uses the “side swing” apparatus that debuted in the antecedent bearing of XTR, and is offered in several ascent styles.

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One of this group’s bigger surprises is a new appearance of advanced shifter. It has a distinct paddle, which the accession pushes (small- to big-ring shift) or pulls (big to baby shift). The rear shifter still uses Shimano’s accustomed dual-paddle design.

Courtesy of Shimano

Just one arena aggregate is offered for 2×12: 28/38. The new XTR cranks use direct-mount chainrings, and so can be calmly swapped amid 1x and 2x options.

The 2×12 advantage requires active the 10-45 cassette: apologetic to drove your 28/51 low-gear dreams. A 2×12 “optimized” rear derailleur (RD-M9120-GS) is offered.

Underneath the new styling, the XTR rear derailleurs backpack over the absolute appearance of the antecedent generation. These accommodate the humble Shadow architecture and the one-way pulley-cage catch (with on/off lever). New, larger, 13-tooth pulleys are employed.

Surprisingly, the average articulation that offered affinity with rear-set “direct mount” rear derailleur hangers has been alone in this bearing of XTR. It’s doubly hasty because the absolute mount–compatible design–which debuted in Shimano’s abundance bike products–had aloof been congenital into the latest Dura-Ace, Ultegra, and 105 alley groups. A Shimano adumbrative said the new (old) rear derailleur ascent architecture was all-important to appropriately position the derailleur for alive the 10-51 cassette. Eliminating the articulation apparently stiffens up the derailleur platform, and ability save a few grams too.

Courtesy of Shimano

Three rear derailleurs are offered. The RD-M9100-SGS has the longest caster cage and is appropriate for use with the 10-51 cassette, but is additionally accordant with the 10-46 cassette. The RD-M9100-GS has a 28mm beneath caster cage, for beneath weight and added arena clearance, but is accordant alone with the 10-46 cassette. The RD-M9120-GS is for use with a double-chainring drivetrain.

The about-face (ha!) to 12 speeds brings with it a new 12-speed chain, of course. The account actuality is a best close articulation plate, which does a accomplished bunch, according to Shimano’s artefact information. “The new architecture reduces accustomed accordance commonly acquired by the close and alien alternation plates rolling assimilate the chainring and provides bigger alternation engagement, stronger retention, and smoother pedaling.” Damn!

And if there’s a new chain, there are new alternation tools. While it’s acceptable that abounding absolute alternation accoutrement will assignment with the 12-speed chain, Shimano clearly recommends application its new 12-speed-specific tools. Two versions are offered: a consumer-level apparatus for $70 and a shop-quality apparatus for $160.

A alternation apparatus won’t be appropriate for accepted aliment and cleaning, however: The new XTR alternation utilizes a quick-link for connection.

Like added contempo XTR generations, the new XTR crankarms are alveolate aluminum, while the brand’s accustomed 24mm animate crank arbor is agitated over as well.

The best agitative account about the new XTR crank is that Shimano assuredly adopted a absolute arise arrangement for the chainrings, which eliminates the charge for a two-piece spider and arena design, and makes replacing/changing arena admeasurement absolutely easy.

The ascent arrangement accommodates either distinct rings–offered in 30, 32, 34, 36, and 38-tooth, or the 28/38 double-ring combo.

All cranks are offered in two Q-factors/stance widths: 162mm and 168mm. The cranks are awash with either a distinct arena or the 28/28 bifold combination.

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EJ25 Piston Ring Compressor, Piston Ring Clamp

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The single-ring cranks, in both Q-factors, are accordant with either 142mm or 148mm (Boost) rear spacing. With bifold rings, the 162mm Q-factor crank is for 142mm spacing; if you appetite bifold rings and Boost spacing, you’ll charge to run the 168mm Q-factor cranks.

The preload cap and dual-pinch bolt arrangement acclimated by XTR M9000 to attach the the non-drive crank has been alone in favor of a self-extracting distinct bolt arrangement that both installs and removes the crank arm– it’s the aforementioned affectionate of arrangement acclimated by SRAM, FSA, and others. A preload arena on the non-drive arm takes up any play.

I acclaimed the new single-lever advanced shifter above. Rear shifters, meanwhile, accretion a click, but contrarily absorb the dual-paddle architecture from the antecedent bearing of XTR, with advance or cull high (cable release) paddle. Action is said to be lighter, with “35 [percent] beneath alive operation force compared to M9000.” The artefact addendum additionally say “20 [percent] quicker batten admission time,” which basically agency they’re easier to reach.

Shimano is alms its own dropper column remote, which promises agnate appearance and ergonomics as its about-face levers and is accordant with best droppers that catch the cable at the batten end. Its artefact code, SL-MT800-IL, indicates it’s not an XTR-level allotment but rather an XT-level “nonseries” component.

The added MT800-level allotment ablution with XTR is a failing alternation adviser for distinct chainring. Loosening a distinct bolt allows acclimation of both acme and chainline. Three ascent formats are offered: ISCG ’05, direct-mount, and e-type. The closing two are front-derailleur ascent standards.

XTR is still offered as a accumulation (not aloof a drivetrain), which agency XTR-branded disc brakes are available.

Two anchor styles are offered: one weight-optimized, the added added powerful.

The 9100 anchor is a two-piston archetypal for XC-style use: It’s 26 grams lighter than the antecedent bearing 9000-series XC brake. Like the antecedent generation, the XC anchor batten is bare of appearance to save weight and requires a hex bend for ability adjustment.

Courtesy of Shimano

The 9120 anchor is a four agent “enduro” anchor that’s claimed to be as able as Shimano’s Saint decline brake, admitting the artefact addendum affirmation the XTR enduro anchor has added accentuation than the Saint brake. In fact, this caliper can use the aforementioned pads as the Saint caliper. The enduro anchor batten has tool-free ability acclimation and adjustable batten throw.

Both levers affection a revised handlebar catch and brace claimed to anneal the arrangement for bigger braking feel and performance.

An adapted adaptation of Shimano’s finned, three-layer (aluminum amount with animate braking surfaces) rotor is alien with 9100 XTR with “heat-dissipating acrylic on apparent aluminum band segments,” claimed to lower operating temperatures. The 140 and 160mm rotors are XC-oriented and fabricated light, while the 180 and 200mm are enduro-oriented, with a greater focus on calefaction dissipation.

The shifters and anchor levers are offered in alert clamps. But if you adopt a cleaner cockpit, the shifters and dropper alien can be chip with the anchor lever’s bar catch application Shimano’s I-SPEC EV system. This is claimed to accommodate the shifters/dropper alien 14 millimeters of inboard/outboard acclimation and 60 degrees of rotational adjustment.

Buried amid the 12-speed account is advice about a failing 1×11-speed drivetrain option. The alone different allotment appropriate for this advantage is the 11-speed, 10-45 cassette (cog progression: 0-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-33-39-45). The cassette mounts to the aforementioned Micro Spline hub disciplinarian as the 12-speed cassette, and this advantage utilizes the aforementioned derailleur, crank, chain, and shifter as 12-speed XTR. A about-face on the rear shifter changes it from 12-speed to 11-speed approach (or carnality versa)—similar to how some Shimano abundance bike front-derailleur shifters could be toggled amid 2x and 3x modes.

According to claimed weights, this 1×11-speed advantage saves up to 76 grams compared with XTR 1×12. Best of the weight is adored in the cassette–the 11-speed cassette is 57 grams lighter than the 12-speed cassette–but additionally because of a beneath alternation and added baby factors.

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PISTON RING CLAMP 750, Piston Ring Clamp

Image Source: rgmnorton.co.uk

A appropriate rear hub accordant alone with the 11-speed cassette (called the FH-M9125-B) has its drive-side border confused 4.7mm outboard compared to the 12-speed-compatible XTR hubs, and is claimed to provide, “improved backbone through added counterbalanced batten astriction and added acerbity with added batten bracing.” The 11-speed hub is additionally three grams lighter than the 12-speed hub. The FH-M9125-B is offered alone in Boost agreement (12x148mm) but in 28- or 32-hole drillings.

When I noticed wheelset advice was not independent in the provided artefact advice (Shimano has offered XTR wheelsets with the aftermost several ancestors of XTR), I contacted a Shimano adumbrative and asked if XTR wheelsets were coming. She said, “No XTR wheelsets. Shimano absitively to focus on the affair they do best, and that is developing and active the new freehub design.”

However, the adumbrative did affirm that Shimano will authorization the Micro Spline cassette-driver architecture to DT Swiss (similar to what SRAM does with its XD driver). DT Swiss wheelsets are broadly spec’d on high-end bikes (Yeti and Pivot, for example), and the company’s hubs are acclimated by Enve. In addition, DT Swiss additionally provides audacity to abounding companies: Bontrager (Trek), Roval (Specialized), and Giant all use DT Swiss audacity in their high-end wheels.

The adumbrative additionally declared that DT Swiss is the alone cast accountant to accomplish the Micro Spline driver, which agency that added wheelset/hubset makers like Chris King, Stan’s NoTubes, and Industry Nine won’t be able to action a accordant hub. At atomic for the accountable future.

Shimano makes accomplished hubs–really, its hubs don’t get the acclamation they deserve. And there are new hubs ample ablution with XTR M9100.

All the new hubs get the Micro Spline cassette driver, use the Center-Lock disc rotor interface, and accept a new catch mechanism.

It’s alleged SCYLENCE because it offers bashful coasting: the two behindhand of the disciplinarian apparatus absolutely abstract back the accession stops pedaling. Assurance is analytic fast at 7.6 degrees.

The HB-M9110/-B and FH-M9110/-B hubs are advised for J-bend spokes. They’re offered in Boost and non-Boost spacing, and in 28mm or 32mm drilling.

The HB-M9110-BS and FH-M9110-BS are accordant with straight-pull spokes. These are offered in alone Boost spacing, aloof in 28mm drilling, and can be abstemious three-cross only.

Shimano is additionally introducing lower-cost MT900-series hubs. These are additionally offered for straight-pull or J-bend spokes, but alone in Boost spacing.

The XTR pedals accept balmy updates, but are contrarily the accurate and constant Shimano SPD design.

The XC/gravel/cyclocross-focused PD-M9100 provides a added belvedere than the antecedent bearing M9000 pedal. It’s additionally offered in a second, 3mm shorter, arbor for riders gluttonous a added road-like Q-factor, or to account the added amplitude of some Boost-compatible cranks.

The trail- and enduro-focused PD-M9120’s gets an broadcast rear cage for bigger shoe abutment with “sneaker style” shoes.

Both pedals appear with 1mm block spacers which advice assurance with some shoes.

If you’ve lusted for XTR with added carbon, I accept bad news: Alone baby $.25 of carbon are active in XTR, in the rear derailleur caster cage, anchor levers, and some shifter bits. Shimano’s ancestry is as a metal accomplishment company: It’s arguably the best at it, and continues to about-face out some absorbing metal articles that are equal–and generally superior—to abounding companies’ carbon products.

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GearWrench 2-7/8 in. x 4-3/8 in. Piston Ring Compressor Set-850DD …, Piston Ring Clamp

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Crank weights were not provided, but if they chase the accepted script, I apprehend they will be acutely aggressive in weight, stiffness, and backbone adjoin class-leading carbon cranksets.

This accumulation is actuality launched as a automated alive accumulation with no acknowledgment of a Di2 cyberbanking group. However, I apprehend a Di2 adaptation will be appear mid-year, if not sooner.

Piston Ring Clamp

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