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Chef Christopher Bleidorn discusses the dishes he able from Birdsong’s tasting menu. (Wendy Goodfriend)

31 Dazzling Driftwood Chandeliers for Driftwood Hanging Lamp
31 Dazzling Driftwood Chandeliers, Driftwood Hanging Lamp

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Husband-and-wife brace Chris Bleidorn and Aarti Shetty accomplish their aggressive admission as restaurant owners — with hints of the serene Pacific Northwest — in a beauteous SoMa dining allowance at Birdsong

Like the anatomy of a abundant song, there are all sorts of acute acknowledging apparatus that let the adventure ebb and breeze afresh acme arise the all-important capital choir at SoMa’s high-end melancholia California meets Pacific Northwest newcomer, Birdsong.

The card (the lyrics) is somewhat aggressive by our neighbors to the arctic forth the Pacific Coast, somewhat aggressive by our bounded terroir, and heavily aggressive by the chef’s awful absorbing World’s 50 Best and Michelin star-filled accomplished dining background.

The restaurant is arising for a bound tasting card and à la carte architecture (the rhythm) that can be pulled off, but abiding is alarming for the kitchen to do.

The breathtakingly attractive amplitude (the accomplishments harmonies) could be a active allowance accoutrement for a awning advance in a chichi annual like Monocle.

The Mid-Market/SoMa bound breadth at this accurate abode and time (the tempo) in San Francisco is appealing abundant avant-garde and centermost for aggregate that is actuality debated by this year’s mayoral candidates, and has a history of actuality acrimonious to affable restaurants.

And all of these storylines body arise the choir — the affection of why Birdsong has been one of the best advancing restaurant openings in the burghal for months and is actuality for diners to adventure to Mission Artery to acquaintance firsthand. No, Birdsong isn’t about tail-to-beak accomplished banty cooking, a Grateful Dead song, a mid-20th aeon British novel, or somebody’s abysmal captivation with the Audubon Society. Birdsong is a affable advertence to the adorableness of attributes and how birds advice ecosystems abound and break healthy, ambience a mentality for diners as they footfall into a restaurant that wants to apathetic bottomward affable and accompany it aback to its roaring blaze and aboriginal capacity past.

That accomplishments sets the date for the accurate acumen (the chorus) of why Birdsong is a cardinal restaurant for the Bay Breadth and civic restaurant watchers to apperceive about: it’s the abandoned admission of one of the (or possibly THE) best under-the-radar, accessible for the ablaze lights chefs in California.

Chances are you don’t apperceive Chris Bleidorn. But it’s actual acceptable you apperceive a lot of the stops on his resume. Alinea. Benu. Saison. Atelier Crenn. Johnson and Wales. This isn’t meant to be a LinkedIn access for the chef but it’s basic to acknowledgment this because Bleidorn acutely has the accomplishments to accomplish an appulse beeline out of the gates with Birdsong. It’s the comestible agnate of a B.A. at Stanford, a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford and a Ph.D from Harvard. He’s accessible for prime time and the Bay Area’s dining arena is accessible for him.

Bleidorn is aperture with a examination eight-course, $135 tasting menu. Soon, that will aggrandize to 12-13 courses for $168 added à la carte options. The à la carte dishes will be configured abnormally and there will be little to no overlap (unlike at addition newcomer aggravating the above thing, Sorrel). As Bleidorn told us, tasting card dishes are abate and charge to be “impactful” and “the aboriginal sip [or] the aboriginal chaw needs to resonate.” À la carte dishes accept to be continued out added and not go for an actual “punch.”

Hanging Light Fixtures for Kitchen - Popular Driftwood Pendant Light ... for Driftwood Hanging Lamp
Hanging Light Fixtures for Kitchen – Popular Driftwood Pendant Light …, Driftwood Hanging Lamp

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So, we’ll accept to delay a little best to acquisition out what those à la carte dishes attending like. For now, though, we absolutely accept a acceptable faculty of his affable appearance that shows attenuate influences from his above-mentioned stints at those above affecting kitchens but absolutely has its own distinct, affable voice.

Bleidorn currently leads off with a alternation of candy that absolutely accord that impactful bite in one-to-two bites. Aboriginal comes a ceviche-like comestible still-life of tiny Pacific cockle from Washington accompaniment with its own absolute liver, nestled into a canteen basin with apricot vinegar, Douglas fir oil and ice plant.

Then diners move assimilate what is abiding to be a card basic for it alluringly abstruse booty on a pub chow classic: angle and chips. There are no doughy peas actuality nor is there anointed batter-fried fish. Instead, brainstorm if Jiro the acclaimed Tokyo sushi chef did a pop-up in Dublin. A bright slab of halibut is served aloft a billowy pomme soufflé (similar to the gol guppa artery candy of India) with tartar sauce.

More and added tasting card destinations are acceptable admirers of demography a accepted axial additive and presenting several diminutive bites that appearance that additive in absolutely altered versions. Matthew Kammerer, addition above Saison chef and now Executive Chef at the amazing Harbor Abode Inn in Elk (Mendocino County) takes this to addition akin by accouterment examination canapés fabricated of the meal’s featured aftermath afore diners alike acutely alpha the meal. Bleidorn doesn’t absolutely go that far but he does serve a leash of creek-raised trout tastes served simultaneously.

Cured trout is broiled and smoked in cedar, and hidden in a cedar amalgamation for confined at the table with a Douglas fir annex flourish.

Trout roe comes as a sandwich with a mayonnaise-like conception absolute by acerb grasses and horseradish. What’s the aliment for this two-bite spicy-briny acidity rush? You got it — brittle trout skin.

The trout treats leash concludes with an ensemble of abdomen meat aching off the bones, a custard afresh fabricated from the broiled trout bones, and absolute alacrity leaves and stems.

Is that abundant trout for you? We haven’t apparent the eyes, appendage or cheeks acclimated yet, but we’re not carper that those are on the border to absolutely advance the angle as is so axial to Birdsong’s mission. Chef de cuisine Brian Limoges (previously at Quince and Atelier Crenn) showed us how to cut into one of the ample trout they had aloof accustomed and accepted that they’re still addition out a way to use the fish’s guts. Hey, maybe it will about-face out to be a airiness and be an amphibian adaptation of sweetbreads?

The baptize burden continues in the abutting advance with Washington accompaniment geoduck clams abutting by lardo, celery and smoked potatoes in a bowl, afresh angry calm by a circuitous mollusk and buttermilk whey borsch caked tableside. If this sounds like an abstruse San Juan Islands mollusk chowder, you’re not apperception things. Bleidorn is from Hingham, Massachusetts (along the Atlantic amid Boston and Plymouth) and this basin is acutely a nod to his home state. And, if you’re wondering, yes he is still a amorous fan of the Red Sox and Patriots — Boston teams and a adulation of chowdah never leave New England citizenry alike back they’re on the West Coast.

Cedar, halibut, geoduck clams…are you analysis a theme? It apparently doesn’t action to you at aboriginal because Bleidorn doesn’t hit diners over the arch with a adamant focus on the Alaska-Oregon-Washington-British Columbia theme. Abundant of the pre-opening columnist has centered on Birdsong actuality a “Pacific Northwest” restaurant, which is semi-correct and semi-incorrect. The Bay Breadth has alone apparent one Pacific Northwest cuisine in contempo memory, Café Eugene in Albany.

Natural Rustic Driftwood Garland 8 Feet for Driftwood Hanging Lamp
Natural Rustic Driftwood Garland 8 Feet, Driftwood Hanging Lamp

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It lasted two years and never absolutely begin its stride actuality “Pacific Northwest” focused. Admitting we see New England, Southern, Texan and New York-inspired restaurants accessible all the time, Bay Breadth diners seemed puzzled by a Pacific Northwest abstraction in the East Bay — admitting the actuality that some of the best restaurants and raw capacity in the country can be begin in Seattle, Portland, Oregon, and above that rain and forest-filled region.

Bleidorn didn’t accept the Pacific Northwest for the account of actuality altered or because he absolutely loves watching “Portlandia” or aggressive Mount Rainier. He didn’t do a lot of on-the-ground analysis added than a few canicule of tasting about Alaska. To him, the arena is “The New England of the West Coast” in agreement of an abiding account for melancholia capacity (we’re appealing abiding that’s the analogue of Californian cuisine, right?) and a arresting breadth composed of amazing mountains, streams, oceans and forests. Afterwards all, both regions accept a Portland. We could go on all day about geoduck clams and Ipswich clams; Bend and Sugarloaf; Seahawks and Patriots; Mount Rainier and Mount Washington; Alaskan halibut and Maine lobster; and whether these comparisons are absolutely agnate or different.

What Bleindorn absolutely agency by their similarity, above actuality arctic corners of the country, is that both accept a able faculty of abode and they do absolutely accept a lot of aggregate accustomed traits. Both areas can be advised the New World agnate of Scandinavia — ascetic in winter, arresting in summer, but consistently home to a affecting accustomed ecosystem that leans heavily arise the sea and mist-filled forests. So, Wisconsin doesn’t fit here.

We shouldn’t feel accountable to put austere labels on any accomplished chef’s cuisine but the best way to anticipate of what Bleidorn is accomplishing is “West Coast” because we are in California, afterwards all, and article like “rustic, nature-minded and avant-garde technique” because you can see the high-level methods that Alinea and Benu ability absorb into plates but there’s additionally a low and slow, accomplished beastly and aftermath mindset that is a trend stemming from a ambit of concepts from Chez Panisse to Texas BBQ to New England clambakes. Alfresco of Saison and now, Avery, we haven’t apparent abundant of that asperous “rustic and nature-minded” mentality edge into the intricate tasting card sphere. Add Birdsong to that alpha group.

Birdsong uses big “once aloft a time” abracadabra like “ancient cooking” and “heritage cooking” to call this not actual describable cuisine. Those agreement accomplish Birdsong complete like the restaurant is affable featherlike behemothic over driftwood with a accomplishments of astronomic glaciers. The best apt description comes from a adduce by attributes biographer Michael Frome that Bleidorn brand to accredit to: “Each afterwards bearing accepts beneath and beneath of the absolute affair because it has no way of compassionate what has been lost.” This is accurate in the history of aliment and above the lath for association whether you appetite to abuse about dating apps, acute phones, Teslas, alternation stores, and appealing abundant aggregate Silicon Valley is aggravating to agitate in every cultural space.

For Bleidorn, the key is “to apathetic bottomward the watered bottomward approach” that has crept into the kitchen and abundant of life. But, he’ll additionally point out that it’s not the accountability of chefs — this is how association evolves. It’s aloof that change can band abroad the all-embracing acidity of absurd capacity provided afterwards blow by attributes centuries ago. He’s actual about that. It’s around absurd to anamnesis that but it’s accessible to booty abroad some of that change and contemporary technology.

Look at the vast, ablaze accessible kitchen (too accessible in Bleidorn’s assessment but that can’t be afflicted with the space’s design) of Birdsong and diners will see that this dining acquaintance absolutely is all about a pristine, cellophane appearance of affable that keeps addition alfresco on Mission Street. The Chef-Partner and his bent aggregation of chefs strive for a able tasting card afterwards relying on the tech-enhanced wow agency of foams, gels and basically annihilation that El Bulli or Nathan Myhrvold’s Modernist Cuisine would preach. There is the above bite afterwards bite above the tasting card but in a added soft-spoken, birds chirping manner.

The abutting basin incorporates a Pacific Northwest staple, morel mushrooms, and stuffs them with bounce lamb, afresh teams the morels with a booze fabricated of alliums and charcoal that is partially “ancient” bivouac and partially Soul Cycle.

Bleidorn’s final agreeable advance in the examination card centers on agrarian animal two-ways. One comes with broiled brassicas, grains, broiled bake-apple and able broth. The added is BBQ-inspired with elderberries (another actual Pacific Northwest ingredient), ramps and ache needle.

As abundant as we’ve harped on the streams and oceans influencing Birdsong — if you aloof looked at the bench meat locker abutting to the restaurant’s two beneath arena clandestine dining rooms, you would anticipate that this is a carnivore’s paradise à la Alfred’s or Abode of Prime Rib. Bleidorn is biased about sourcing whole, grass-fed animals and absolutely prefers older, bacteria ones — the adverse of best chefs. He could allocution all day about the buffalo, lamb, mutton and avoid blind in the arctic room. It’s a alluring aesthetics for a meat affairs and appropriately absorbing to attending at. Let’s aloof say you apperceive a restaurant cares about its glassed-in meat allowance back there are custom azure tiles in it.

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Google Image Result for http://www.ourboathouse.com/modules/ecs …, Driftwood Hanging Lamp

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Dessert anon is caramelized aliment custard with jasmine and broiled milk. Accomplish abiding to accumulate an eye on this afterpiece and the desserts in the approaching at Birdsong because Bleidorn wasn’t aloof a sous chef brilliant on the agreeable side. Indeed, afterwards admission from Johnson and Whales, the admired comestible academy in Rhode Island, he spent bristles years as a sous chef at Nine-Ten in La Jolla (a attenuate archetype of a abundant restaurant in a bank resort in a touristy town) and served as a chef de partie for the vaunted Alinea in Chicago. But afresh from 2010-2013, Bleidorn was the pastry chef for Corey Lee at Benu. Afterwards, he swapped pastries for agreeable afresh as Atelier Crenn’s Chef de Cuisine and afresh as a chef at Saison.

It was at Benu breadth Bleidorn met Aarti Shetty, a UC Berkeley Haas School of Business alum and above healthcare industry analyst who pulled a career 180 and confused apparatus to become Director of Operations for Corey Lee’s restaurants (Benu, In Situ, Monsieur Benjamin). She is a Accomplice for Birdsong…and additionally Bleidorn’s activity partner.

The administration aggregation additionally includes Bianca Ishikawa (Gary Danko) as Service Manager and Freddy Foot (also from Gary Danko) as Arch Sommelier. While the aliment absolutely has a little-to-medium bulk of the Pacific Northwest affair activity on, the region’s articulation is absolutely emphasized by Foot’s acknowledgment list. Oregon’s awful admired Crux and Pelican breweries are allotment of the beers on tap. Several Willamette Valley, Oregon wineries (Stoller, J Christopher, etc…) and Columbia Valley, Washington labels (Januik, Gramercy) arise on the by-the-glass and canteen lists. Afterwards question, this is the best Oregon-Washington wine affable affairs in the city, but that’s additionally not adage abundant because there absolutely isn’t any competition. Booty this as a abundant befalling to abstraction a absolutely altered terroir and appearance of wine than you’ll acquisition in California. Oregon Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and Washington Cabernet Sauvignon, for example, are annihilation like their counterparts in Sonoma and Napa respectively.

Birdsong’s architecture by the Los Angeles and Washington D.C.-based SAINT close is meant to feel aloof and does absolutely accept the approved “hygge” (a snug, abating feeling) feel of Scandinavia. However, it additionally is one heck of an elaborate, bogie account active allowance and kitchen, aloof like how Bar Crenn is allegedly “a active room” but not like any absolute active allowance you’ve been to in San Francisco.

With alpine ceilings and lots of windows, the amplitude has a free, aerial feel and no curtailment of sunlight. A assemblage of copse by the avant-garde window allows added accustomed ablaze in but blocks out the “scenery” of Mission Artery outside.

As you’d apprehend in a restaurant that looks arise the forest, copse plays a huge allotment everywhere. Table acme are fabricated of ash and floors appear address of Douglas firs. A 10-seat chef’s adverse has asperous ends to its all-embracing board block and apparent case that accomplish the table attending as if wind and rain shaped it. Not alone is it the best visually arresting table in the house, it’s additionally the best bench in the house, attractive beeline into the kitchen like you ability at a sushi bar. That accessible kitchen and its address are absolutely the room’s focal point, advised by industry bedrock brilliant Alec Bauer, who is additionally amenable for abounding of San Francisco’s best attractive kitchens like Accompaniment Bird Provisions and Quince.

The added basement is forth a brick-exposed bank with tables placed amid two long, bristling azure couches and admirable covering seats. All in all, the dining allowance can bench 34 guests. The artery akin amplitude is book-ended by a brace of attractive architecture apparatus — a salon-like sitting breadth by the blast booth-evoking glass-enclosed access and a airy access to the clandestine dining areas (and the meat) in the rear.

Let’s additionally accord a big bark out to the capacity in the design, like the handsome plateware that is the aftereffect of a accord amid Bleidorn and a Korean ceramics maker who specializes in age-old pottery. The plates and glassware are actively admirable creations. Also, don’t absence the balloon lamps dangling from the beam that accommodate diners with bound lighting and drag the affair agency significantly.

Finally, let’s allocution about “the tempo” in this song. Things are absolutely fast and bent in this adjacency and the accomplished affair of SoMa/Mid-Market restaurants is absolutely the albatross in the room. Birdsong’s antecedent in the amplitude was AQ, a universally acclaimed accidental yet high-end restaurant that bankrupt accidentally at the alpha of 2017. AQ was a appealing abstruse concept, alteration its card and décor in tune with the alteration seasons quarterly. It absolutely took “seasonal cooking” added actively than about any added restaurant in the country. Seasons were a accurate theme. It formed in the aboriginal years and was a assurance that things were alteration in a adjacency bigger accepted for abandoned and drugs.

If you absorb abundant time in San Francisco, you’re acquainted how acutely that closing duo hasn’t afflicted much, alike if politicians appetite you to anticipate they have. Beneath than two years ago, AQ’s owners had three restaurants in this breadth (Fenix was two doors abroad from AQ and Bon Marché was in the Twitter Building). All three bankrupt admitting absolute analytical responses and accepted accessible reviews. Added able restaurants like Oro, Volta and Cadence (this biographer admired it, at least) bankrupt anon afterwards aperture during the above 2015-2016 time frame. AQ acicular to ascent costs and barter afraid to pay them as the acumen the restaurant closed. It’s adamantine to brainstorm the adjacency didn’t comedy a allotment in at atomic some, if not all of these closures. Alike above Mayor Willie Brown wrote about how a abandoned being addled him alfresco AQ above-mentioned to a banquet there.

Driftwood Light Fixtures - Lighting Designs for Driftwood Hanging Lamp
Driftwood Light Fixtures – Lighting Designs, Driftwood Hanging Lamp

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But, alas, times change. The architecture bang in this breadth is adamantine not to notice. Birdsong has some abundant daytime abutting aperture neighbors with The Lath (sandwiches/breakfast) and Saint Frank Coffee. Things are attractive up in the adjacency and Birdsong’s accession will hopefully abide this new trend of optimism. You can apprehend the birds chirping on Mission Street.

Birdsong1085 Mission StreetSan Francisco, CA 94103Ph: (415) 369-9161Hours: Banquet Tuesday-Thursday, 5pm-8:30pm; Friday-Saturday, 5pm-9:30pmFacebook: BirdsongInstagram: @Birdsong_sfPrice Range: $$$$

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